There has been an increase in auto thefts lately. Here are a few tips on how to keep your vehicle from being stolen.

    Never keep your keyless entry fob near the front entrance of your home.

    There are devices that can intercept the signal through a wireless transmitter that can give them access to your vehicle if the fob is in range. Keeping your fobs far away from the car or inside a container can block the signal.

    Lock your doors and windows.

    This might seem obvious, but always lock your car doors and windows even if you are running into a store for something quick or back into your home. You can take this a step further by purchasing additional mechanisms like steering wheel locks or even an immobilizing device that prevents thieves from bypassing the ignition to hotwire your vehicle.

    Park strategically at home and on the go.

    Decrease your vehicle’s chance of being stolen by always parking in well-lit areas. Try parking less valuable vehicles at the front of the driveway at home to protect more valuable cars. Whenever possible, park your vehicle in your garage.

    Never leave valuables in your vehicle.

    If you are out shopping, try to make more expensive purchases last, so you do not have to make another stop with them left in your vehicle. If you have to leave a valuable purchase in your car, always conceal it by storing it in the glove box or trunk.

    We hope this list of tips helps to keep you and your vehicle safe from theft.

    Courtesy of Ayr Farmers Mutual Insurance Company