Community Values

    Salus Mutual is based in your community and the Company, along with our agents, employees, and directors, plays an important role in those communities. You will recognize names and faces serving locally in service clubs; in church organizations; as hockey, baseball, and soccer coaches; as 4-H leaders, and with many agricultural organizations.

    We recognize it is our responsibility as good corporate citizens to help strengthen the communities in which we live and work. Consequently, Salus Mutual selects corporate charities that we support with agent and employee volunteer hours.

    Salus Mutual helps fund projects that improve the quality of life for the communities where we do business and that provide benefits to a broad-cross section of the population. Among the organizations and events we support are those who focus on cultural, agricultural, environmental, health, heritage, or educational goals, as well as those who promote fire and claim prevention. We work closely with municipalities and service clubs and ensure the impact of our funding is widely spread.