• If you have a property loss, it is important that you make every effort to prevent further damage to your property. Please wait until you have been contacted by an adjuster before tearing down or initiating any repairs to your property. If repairs are needed immediately to prevent further loss, please take photos of the damage.
    • Save receipts for materials you use. We will cover any reasonable cost associated with protecting your property if the loss is covered by your policy.
    • It's important to always keep the items that caused the damage until your claims adjuster tells you to dispose of them.
    • Make a list of damaged items and the damages to your home.
    • If you are planning on leaving home for an extended period (over four days), you MUST have a competent person check your home daily during the heating season OR turn off the water and drain the pipes for coverage to apply.
    • Maintaining a home inventory is very useful in case of a loss. Wherever possible, keep documents to prove the value of items, such as photos, invoices, or receipts. An Excel spreadsheet may be a useful tool for assisting you in preparing this inventory.
    • It is helpful to have a video or pictures of your dwelling contents, should you ever need to replace damaged items. These videos or photos should be shared with family members to prevent them from damage as a result of a loss.